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Skippergårdens Dodge Beauty

Inver Rebel
Rebel Wind Windy
Murphy Rebel Clonkeehan Auratum
Muffy Molly Conneely
Rebel Justice Naseel ox
Clonkeehan Auratum Western Lily
Tulira Lily Mac Dara
Rock of Cashel Acid Drop
Hedehusets Mulgatavny Finney Master
Rory Ruadh Fort Irene
Hedehusets Chan-Roa Öxenholm Godot
Majgaardens Caitriona Rosenaharley Caitlin
Hedehusets Bechan Lambay Rebel
Öxenholm Godot Glann Beauty
Majgaardens Beth Rosenaharley Mac Milo
Holens Bess Brigitte
Tully Grey
Dale Haze Abbeyleix Bluebird
Hazy Dawn Abbeyleix Owen
Castle Park Trabane Castle
Laerkens Callaghan Corrib
Rosenaharley Lavelle Rosmuck Rebel
Laerkens Camille Padraig of Rosenaharley
Majgaardens Cait Rosenaharley Caitlin
Lilleskovs Juvel Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Öxenholm Meteor Finney Master
Maysie Fairy Story
Blaesenborg’s Perle Finney Master
Rory Ruadh Fort Irene
Krathus Tullamore Lambay Boy
Öxenholm Tralee Creewagh Lass

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