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Bech’s Mary-Rose

Thunderbolt Irene Grey
Spinway Comet Killyreagh Kim
Spinway Cailin Errislannon Dana
Innellan Kestrel Carna Bobby
Ballydonagh Rob Cashel Kate
Abbeyleix Swan Atlantic Storm
Fionnuala Finola of Leam
Mannin Bay Cuckoo Dun Aengus
Kimble Inver Colleen
Abbeyleix Owen Carna Bobby
Queen of Diamonds Black Out
Amaryllis Cuckoo Clonkeehan Nimbus
Skryne Bright Cloud Aughris Bright
June Cuckoo Clonkeehan Auratum
Wise Cuckoo Wise Sparrow
Carna Dun
Finney Master Winter Roche
Rory Ruadh Clonkeehan Auratum
Fort Irene Irene Grey
Öxenholm Markbook Mac Dara
Murrisk Grey Girl
Lambay Maire Inver Rebel
Tulira Mairin Ruadh Patricia Bell
Enghöjs Irish Golden Rose Mac Dara
Lambay Rebel Moonshine
Öxenholm Godot Island King
Glann Beauty Derreen Star
Enghöjs Queenie Doon Paddy
Padraig of Rosenaharley May Retreat
Majgaardens Golden Pear Wisbridge Golden Rebel
Rosenaharley Silver Nutmeg Rosenaharley Sugar

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