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Lucky Anna

Carna Dun
Camlin Cicada Camlin Cilla
Check Point Charlie Mac Dara
Castletown Lady Kingstown Grey
Ballydonagh Cassanova Gil
Carna Bobby Carna Dolly
Atlantic Mist Carna Dun
Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd Callowfeenish Dolly
Westside Mirah Bala Hissar xx
Little Heaven xx Outport xx
Carna Dun Dun Heath
Double Dun Carna Girl
Check Out Girl Mac Dara
Atlantic Storm Flash Girl
Abbey Mistress Paddy
Small Change Miss Small Change
Innishgoill Laddie
Gil Golden Gleam
Carna Bobby Buckna xx
Carna Dolly Colleen Bawn
Killyreagh Kim Dun Lorenzo
Mac Dara Dolan Rose
Ballydonagh Kate Tully Lad
Cashel Kate Rebel Kate
Lucky Lia Dun Lorenzo
Mac Dara Dolan Rose
Ormond Oliver Carna Bobby
Ashfield Judy Jump the Wall
Persil Carna Dun
Doon Paddy Doon Lily
Washing Soda

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