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Pharaway des Touches

Mountain Lad
Tully Lad Tully Beauty
Tully Grey Dun Lorenzo
Cait ni Dhuibhir
Bambu Tooreen Laddie
Tooreen Ross Wayfarer
Sligo Rose Camlin Cirrus
Nansin Ban Clynagh Rose
Galway de la Dive Bala Hissar xx
Little Heaven xx Outport xx
Carna Dun Dun Heath
Double Dun Carna Girl
Easter Thorn Gil
Tiger Gill Tiger Tank
Carna Bobby
Leam Bobby Finn Finola of Leam
Leam Finnigan Mac Dara
Cloonisle Judy Wild Judy
Dexter Leam Pondi Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
White Granite Carna Bobby
Ganty Jane II Ganty Jane
In Love de l’Aulne Gil
Carna Bobby Carna Dolly
Windy Cove Ranger Tooreen Ross
Windy Cove Windy Dun
Moy Storeen Deas Carna Dun
Doon Paddy Doon Lily
Storeen Lia
Killola Lady

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