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Skaergårdens First Night

Tully Grey
Dale Haze Abbeyleix Bluebird
Hazy Dawn Abbeyleix Owen
Castle Park Trabane Castle
Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Öxenholm Mandy Mac Duff
Sally Maree Anna Maree
Frederik Mac Dara
Lambay Rebel Moonshine
Öxenholm Godot Island King
Glann Beauty Derreen Star
Majgaardens Iona Corrib
Rosenaharley Lavelle Rosmuck Rebel
Majgaardens Skibbereen Rosenaharley Mac Milo
Holens Bonny Grey Bunowen Grey
Carna Bobby Carna Dolly
Coosheen Finn Lavalley Rebel
Finola of Leam Waterfield Grey
Coosheen Finnegan Carna Dun
Doon Paddy Doon Lily
Ganty Gina Carna Bobby
Ganty Jane II Ganty Jane
Enghöjs Red Scarlet Dale Haze
Hazy Dawn Castle Park
Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel Marble
Öxenholm Mandy Sally Maree
Enghöj’s Lovely Lauren Lambay Rebel
Öxenholm Godot Glann Beauty
Enghöjs Queenie Padraig of Rosenaharley
Majgaardens Golden Pear Rosenaharley Silver Nutmeg

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