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Gregersminde Pikant

Inish O’Malley
Holiday Prince Inish Carna
Öxenholm Sammy Bridge Boy
Strandhill Lass Merrileas
Pilgaards Sammy Junior Corrib
Rosenaharley Lavelle Rosmuck Rebel
Kaervangs Candie Padraig of Rosenaharley
Majgaardens Donna Rosenaharley Sugar
Hesselbjerggård Justice Kimble
Abbeyleix Owen Queen of Diamonds
Earl of Doon Carna Dun
Lucky Star Dolan Star
Clonemara June Mac Duff
Carrabaun Boy Anna Maree
Clonamara Lady Bridge Boy
Strandhill Colleen Leam Lassie
Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Öxenholm Marble Jr The Fugitive
Song of Littlerath Calla Song
Teglstrup Duke Clonjoy
Island Duke Grey Dawn Lassie
Red Baroness Silver Snow
Aylesland Silver Treasure Greyling Star
Dambaekgårds Pretty Pearl Rory Ruadh
Öxenholm M.A.S.H. Milford Mistress
Öxenholm Chess Carna Bobby
Calla Song Inish Calla
Nörlunds Pretty Woman Mervyn Storm
Hamlet of Oakleigh Winter Ivy
Lykkesholm Parma Bridge Boy
Brenda of Oakleigh Betsy Bay

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