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Trema des Brimbelles

Carna Bobby
Leam Bobby Finn Finola of Leam
Leam Finnigan Mac Dara
Cloonisle Judy Wild Judy
Dexter Leam Pondi Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
White Granite Carna Bobby
Ganty Jane II Ganty Jane
Ice And Fire d’Albran Finney Master
Rory Ruadh Fort Irene
Fort Doolin Thunder
Fort Lady Ower Girl
Underline of Laps Carna Bobby
Sticky Cashel Kate
Westside Little Madam Shane Grey
Lady Grey Drumaveg Deirdre
Bala Hissar xx
Little Heaven xx Outport xx
Carna Dun Dun Heath
Double Dun Carna Girl
Island Earl Gil
Cill Ciarain Irish Beauty
Leam Dun
Voyelle du Ruere Rebel Wind
Roundstone Oscar Dancing Spanner
Ashfield Dancing Sparrow Dun Lorenzo
Wise Sparrow Lor Sparrow
Lobelia II Gael Linn
Ben Lettery Swanee River
Glentrasna Rebel Girl Inver Rebel
Derry Glen Rebel Derry Glen

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