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Ushuaia Eliza Modesty

Carna Dun
Island Earl Helpmate
King Cup RC Inver Rebel
Easter Troy Nigger
Sticky du Blin Dun Lorenzo
Mac Dara Dolan Rose
Sheila’s Pet
Dream of Aulne Gil
Carna Bobby Carna Dolly
Glenree Bobby Rebel Dun
Inish Biggle Macon
Payse de l’Aulne Lavalley Rebel
Inver Rebel Inver Bridge
Ocean Moon Cill Ciarain
Young Willow
Carna Dun
Kilgreany Lad Lissoughter Dolly
Smokey Shane Bridge Boy
Lucky Smokey Smokey
Cheviot Midas Rebel Wind
Marble Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Celebration Cream Cill Ciarain
Moycullen Mite Grainne Mite
Eliza Schueracher Dun Lorenzo
Mac Dara Dolan Rose
Atlantic Sentinel Clough Rebel
Calla Brown Black Beauty
Shipton Corn Dolly Carna Dun
Doon Paddy Doon Lily
Loyal Dolly Clonjoy
Callowfeenish Doll Orphan Dolly

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