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Twinkle Star Clover

Mountain Lad
Tully Lad Tully Beauty
Thunder Lavalley Rebel
Saint Kathleen Dark Dun
Thunderbolt May Boy
Farravane Boy Farravaun
Irene Grey Innishgoill Laddie
Irene Silver Gray
Cocum Thunder Boy Kimble
The Fugitive Loobeen Lily
Atlantic Swirl Carna Bobby
Atlantic Surf Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Cocum Bella Donna Carna Bobby
Leam Bobby Finn Finola of Leam
Cocum Prima Donna Doon Paddy
Grayswood Doon Bridge Inver Bridge
Dun Lorenzo
Dun Aengus Rose of Killola
Atlantic Curragh Carna Bobby
Atlantic Surf Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd
Naughty van Graaf Janshof Murrisk
Spinway Playboy Lambay Lassie
Fabians Philomena Carna Dun
Wenham Bridie Newtown Lass
Passport du Luot Finney Master
Rory Ruadh Fort Irene
Kilkady Darling Killyreagh Kim
Ballynew Kate Starlight Venture
Iphygenie Island Earl
I des Cartes Pillagh Grey
Vinca II Lambay Fireball
Farah Passport

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