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Banks Timber

Inver Rebel
Rebel Wind Windy
Marble Carna Dun
Callowfeenish Dolly 2nd Callowfeenish Dolly
Öxenholm Marble Jr Kimble
The Fugitive Loobeen Lily
Song of Littlerath Carna Bobby
Calla Song Inish Calla
Teglstrup Duke Clonkeehan Auratum
Clonjoy Joyce Grey
Island Duke Innishgoill Laddie
Grey Dawn Lassie Water’s Grey
Red Baroness Snowball
Silver Snow Silver Fame
Aylesland Silver Treasure Gael Linn
Greyling Star Derrylea Grey 2nd
Carna Bobby Carna Dolly
Grange Bobbing Sparrow Carna Dun
Dun Sparrow Wise Sparrow
Grange Surf Sparrow Thunder
Thunderbolt Irene Grey
Kilkerrin Surf Mac Duff
Ashfield Surf Atlantic Surf
Square’s Do-Do Carna Dun
Finney Master Winter Roche
Rory Ruadh Clonkeehan Auratum
Fort Irene Irene Grey
Öxenholm Square Dancer Mac Namara
Rosenaharley Mac Milo May Retreat
Holens Smut Clonkeehan Auratum
Smear Mullai Wild Wisdom

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