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Italic des Landes

Little Heaven xx
Carna Dun Double Dun
Island Earl Cill Ciarain
Helpmate Leam Dun
Kilimanjaro RC Rebel Wind
Errislannon Sparkler Orphan Dolly
Errislannon Hattie Gael Linn
Errislannon Heather Lorene
River des Landes Carna Dun
Island Earl Helpmate
Hableur de Ravary Clonkeehan Auratum
Raford Ladybird Inch Ladybird
Licorne de Ravary Carna Dun
Toombeola Silver Belle
Pennyworth Inver Rebel
Luck Penny May Fly
Naseel ox
Clonkeehan Auratum Western Lily
Clonjoy Silver Pearl
Joyce Grey Retreat
Robber Boy Carna Dun
Doon Paddy Doon Lily
Washing Soda
Deesee des Landes Gael Linn
Ben Lettery Swanee River
Atlantic Gale Clonjoy
Over the Waves Jump the Wall
Atlantic Moonbeam Tooreen Ross
Bridge Boy Irene
Boogie Woogie Doon Paddy
Betsy Bay Cregg Lassie

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